A majority of AGMA members are displaced due to the COVID 19 pandemic, with no certainty on when we will return to work. Now, we need our union resources more than ever. Please help us stop AGMA from completing the purchase of the $9.4 million dollar condo, which would drain 2/3 of net assets, for its new headquarters during these uncertain financial times. Write to the New York Attorney General now:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing with an urgent request that the NY Attorney General’s office deny or withdraw approval for the purchase of condo units at 305 7th Avenue in Manhattan by the American Guild of Musical Artists. This purchase is scheduled to close this coming Friday, September 25, and we believe immediate intervention is required.

It is our contention that AGMA both failed to give timely notice of the motion to authorize the purchase to its Board of Governors and gave no notice at all to its membership of the meeting. AGMA’s Board also failed to publish its policy permitting member observation of the meeting in which the purchase was authorized. These failures to give notice constitute a violation of NPCL §510(a)(1).

Further, significant concerns have arisen that there may be elements of undisclosed self-dealing related to this purchase, reported on in part by NPR this past Friday, that have not yet been investigated:


If this request has not reached the correct department, I respectfully ask that you forward it to the proper recipient.

Thank you very much for your time and urgent consideration.



Email the NY Attorney General

OR Copy and paste the form letter above to your email client and send to charities.complaints@ag.ny.gov